Saturday, November 7, 2009

Public forums are public's chance to be heard

Spokane Public Schools is undergoing a high school mathematics curriculum adoption process. District administrators have been intentional about inviting public comment before formal decisions are made. Two public forums are scheduled:

Nov. 10, North Central High School, 6-7 pm
Nov. 12, Lewis and Clark High School, 6-7 pm

Please consider participating in these meetings - either by offering comment yourself or by notifying your students about these meetings. It could be helpful to the process, for example, if college students and graduates were to reflect back on their high school mathematics classes. Did they get the math they needed for a successful college experience? Did they require remediation in mathematics during K-12 or after they graduated? These reflections would help inform the selection process.

Parents can offer their thoughts on what they want from a high school mathematics curriculum, and also how they prefer this material be presented and taught. They're welcome to bring their middle school and high school students. No doubt the students have experiences and preferences they would like to share with the committee.

Additionally, business owners and tradespeople can discuss the skills they require from students who complete the school district's mathematics curriculum.

Nov. 10 and Nov. 12 are your opportunities to be heard. Because each forum is just one hour long, it will be helpful to bring your comments in writing, just in case there isn't enough time for everyone. If you cannot make it to the meeting, please feel free to submit any comments in writing to the school district or to members of the school board.

I am a committee member, however this particular notice was not written on behalf of the committee.

Please come to these forums if you can. Tell them what you want. And thank you very much for whatever you can do to help inform the selection process.

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